DERT 2015 team allocations now published. You won’t believe where Northgate is! Plus a Showcase ticket update.

After much consideration, many ciders and a portion of cheesecake, we are proud to announce the DERT 2015 team allocations. These are based on a running tally from DERTs past, we hope that you find them satisfactory and/or minimally controversial.

DERTy Premier Championship Open
Heage Windmillers Whip the Cat P Whip the Cat C Medlock Rapper
Horizon Hellbillies Star and Shadow EC Silver Flame Locksided Rapper
Steelkingz Black Swan Mabel Gubbins Durham University
Young Miscellany Sallyport Tower Ravens RX Sword
Agents of R.A.P.P.E.R. Thrales Star and Shadow KM Scally Rapper
NYFTE Newcastle Kingsmen Warwick Thrales Veterans (V)
Stone Monkey Mons Meg Jockey
Gaorsach Crook Morris Maltby Phoenix
Sheffield Steel Pocketflyers Wardrobe Outlaws
S/M Silverbacks (V) Heage Windmillers

Northgate teamThat’s right, Northgate ain’t dancing competitively! As we are organising it, we need to have feet on the ground during the day. Never fear, we’re kicking off the Showcase in the evening.

According to one Mabel; “I love watching Northgate, you never know which way it’s going to go”, we’ll take any compliments so thanks for that!

Showcase ticket update

We have a mere 35 tickets left to sell for the Showcase event on the Saturday evening. If you love rapper and want to see every team dance, drink fine beers and engage in moderately offensive banter, you’ll need to get your skates on. We wouldn’t want you to miss out. Please use the PayPal link on the right hand side of the screen, the email from PayPal will be your ticket. So don’t lose it.

7 weeks to go!

Martin and Edwin – for Northgate Rapper

Only 8 weeks and 1 day to go until we kick off for DERT 2015 in Bristol. Car sharing. Trophies photos needed please!

We know. A mere 8 weeks and 1 day to go until we kick off the Dancing England rapper Tournament in Bristol. That means probably 8 more practices with maybe a Leo Sayer (all-dayer) and maybe a couple of crawls. We’ve noticed an increase in teams out and about entertaining punters in pubs, keep it up!

Broad Plain Boys ClubThere is not a massive amount of car parking at the Broad Plain Boys Club, about 35 spaces all told. Early team indications show approximately 50 cars coming to DERT in Bristol, we can provide an overflow if needed but it won’t be secure and involves a rather large amount of faffing around both organising it and sorting it out on the Friday of DERT.

So. Please car share as far as possible. We will be contacting teams to say “8 cars we can’t do for your team, but we can do 5″ and so on. This is a heads up for your guys and gals to be organised in sharing transport. Plus it’s all tickety boo for the environment and ting.

We would like to gather as many photos of previous winners and their trophies, particularly the trophies themselves. Please email them to us via and we’ll get them up on here. To what your whistle, here’s some we were sent earlier today.


And competition pub number 5 for DERT 2015 is signed, sealed and delivered. Come explore The Beer Emporium. It could be a bit ‘tricky’.

After what seems like an age, the fifth and final competition pub for DERT 2015 in Bristol has been found. Welcome to ‘The Beer Emporium’.

Beer EmporiumLocated at 15 King Street in the old part of the city, The Beer Emporium is housed in underground in vaulted cellars that were originally built around 1860 as part of the warehousing built on the street to service the close by port of Bristol. The street is named for King Charles II and was laid out in 1650 and developed by 1663.

Previous occupants of the building have been Miss M A French who ran a ladies school, John Jenkins a tailor and outfitter and William Dunn, who ran a lodging house there in 1856.

The cellars used to house ‘the Steam Rock’, one of Bristol’s less salubrious nightclubs, where Edwin used to spend Monday nights (student night) trying to avoid the condensation dripping from the ceiling. Happily for us dancers and muso’s, The Beer Emporium has transformed the cellars into an establishment dedicated to educating the public with a range of 12 cask ales and over 80 types of bottled beer. Craft beer aficionados are well catered for too.

data=U4aSnIyhBFNIJ3A8fCzUmaVIwyWq6RtIfB4QKiGq_w,F5zUO9EufZ8h3ay5rD_g_izzsijVfN8jk6fxvwX-CiTXC40tRkDkI-AcOGObSzsfosObrATsMeREIxUzFzjbe-gRkLfrTIqkOfDfrof0LkrFR_wlEkjik7WRdZdy6OEptg6kThe floor is flagged and the ceiling not as high as other pubs being used in the competition. You wouldn’t want everything easy now would you? The Beer Emporium’s website is HERE with their Facebook page JUST HERE.

You can find the Beer Emporium at BS1 4EF.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We present to you; the judges for DERT 2015 in Bristol

Yes, the judge list has been finalised.

Judge JudyA little wrangling here and there took place, with hopefully not too much resulting controversy. Remember that we opened the judge selection process with invitations for applications detailing the years of experience in dancing/playing/organising? Well, some of those made the cut and the list, and will join more established and experienced judges with reasonably familiar faces.

Again, we’d like to say thank you to those who submitted an unsuccessful application this year.

We haven’t yet decided which pubs and venues the judges will sit in, let alone what categories they’ll be judging. But we thought that you may want a goosey gander at their beautiful faces and the words wot they have wrote about themselves. Some of them have even put what they’re looking for at DERT 2015 in Bristol.

Please click to the Judges page JUST HERE


Attention DERT 2015 team administrators, informations needed. Parking, bio’s and pics, insurance and black plastic bags.

Good morning all

Please can you take a moment to digest these requests?

1. Please click on the Teams page link at the top and have a look at your bio and photo. Please let us know if we need to make any changes, and check the length of your bio, it should be around the 100 word mark. Black Swan – please shorten yours, Locksided – a little more length please?
2.We need to know how many cars your team is expecting to bring along to the event. There is parking available, we just need information to be able to manage it properly and effectively.
3.  Insurance – we MUST have a copy of your public liability insurance certificate that covers the weekend of DERT 2015. Without it you cannot dance. No if’s and no buts. Please email a copy to
4. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, the Broad Plain Boys Club has someone using the gym on Saturday morning. Bit of a pain we know, but there’s a dearth of suitable venues in Bristol that have parking, are close to the action, can provide breakfast, sleeping accommodation, social space and can run a bar. So, we will be dishing out large plastic bags and a sticker to all indoor campers. When rising on Saturday morning, you will need to put all your belongings in said back, identify it with the sticker and place in the secure lockable room for the day.
Fear not on the recycling front, the bags will then be re-used by the Boys Club.
Thanks y’all
Deadline for responses – Wednesday 28th January
classic car

Lo and behold, competition pub No. 4 for DERT 2015 is “The Bank Tavern”. 1 more pub to find!

Sam’s your man at Bristol’s Bank Tavern.

The Bank TavernThe Bank Tavern lies in the centre of Bristol’s old city, it’s a three-storey building sandwiched between ancient medieval lanes, Bauhaus-style 1960s concrete carbuncles and a leafy graveyard behind decaying iron railings. It’s simply a cracking DERT pub dance venue.

Tucked away from the hustle & bustle of the city centre, The Bank Tavern has stood since the 1800’s; surviving an alarming number of riots, two world wars, Bristol City Council town planners and Margaret Thatcher.

Map of the Bank TavernIt’s a small and intimate venue with 4 or 5 real ales on tap, a couple of draft ciders and a jar of pickled eggs behind the bar. There are various banking and money related paper ephemera on the walls and a lovely wooden floor to dance upon.

The Bank Tavern’s website is HERE, their Facebook page is HERE and they’re also on twitter – Just HERE.


Deadline for DERT 2015 payment counting down. A Showcase tickets update and coming merchandise., plus DERTs gone by.

money sackThe clock is ticking, and tocking. The deadline for team payments  is on Wednesday 15th January. About 30% of you have paid so far, so thank you.

There are currently 55 tickets left for sale for the Showcase event. If you desire one, and we’re sure there’s a fair few hangers-on, supporters, former and/or injured rapperists and those would that go to the opening of an envelope, then please click on the PayPal link to the right and purchase yourself a ticket. We are highly likely to sell out, so please don’t delay, buy one/two/three today.

Remember that your ticket is the email that you receive from PayPal. So either print it off and keep safe, or electronically save it somewhere really obvious.

Merchandise. The gloriously capitalist part of any event, where the organisers attempt to come up with great designs and products and attempt to sell them to you for slightly more than they cost! We’re sticking with a nice badge and a t-shirt, as these seem to be what people want and for what they are willing to pay. We are also producing a numbered, limited edition poster of all the teams that take part. They’ll be in kit and identified by team name and competition category etc. If you google the Oscar Winner Dress Poster, you’ll see what we’e aiming for.

As we said, it’ll be a limited edition, numbered, and also silkscreen printed onto archival quality paper. A real reminder of the Bristol event. The poster and t-shirts will be available on pre-order at the beginning of March, with a 10% over-run for you to purchase at the event. Just in case you change your mind when you see the t-shirts being worn and the poster in front of your face.

And finally, there’s some gaps to fill on the grand historical roster of DERT events from yonder times. If you know, for instance, where DERT 1997 was held, on what dates, who organised it and who won the Steve Marris Trophy then please do get in touch. The information gaps are to be found on the Wikipedia page for DERT and also on the Sword Dance Union’s DERT page

And here’s DERT 2015 competition pub number 3, introducing The Big Chill Bar!

Last DERT 2015 related post for this year, we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear.

header1Introducing The Big Chill Bar at 15 Small Street, a beacon-like super cool venue in Bristol, managed by Colin and colleagues and providing good beers, cocktails and the widest selection of music in town. Edwin once saw DJ Derek here, he’s a Bristol institution. DJ Derek that is, not Edwin.

The Big Chill scored highly on floor quality and staff welcome, it’s a nice wide open bar with good natural light and a reasonably high ceiling. We’ll be dancing in the main bar on the ground floor, sadly not in the Georgian study or in the retro kitschen. The building is in the oldest part of Bristol city centre and has seen different uses over the years

data=U4aSnIyhBFNIJ3A8fCzUmaVIwyWq6RtIfB4QKiGq_w,x7UpHagAJSlszvWOMSfsIPAbhpO_wtCrfKvHXReLirr4PRz7x3dSUfxOHZJODu3zPbelBJQqVwIFeGsySYe1R4ZL2xxxECLyywt5IZceN-GEhElF_2XTqFUhJhVhrmIER3WJKelly’s Directory of 1914 states that 15 Small Street was the location of The Assize Courts Hotel, the Bristol Assizes being further up the hill on Small Street. Number 15a was inhabited by the City Cycle Company, dealers in all things velocipede. The Post Office Directory of 1856 has a trio of businesses in the building; William Bessell (bookbinder), Henry John Turner (printer) and John Mortimer & Co (coal merchants).

More information and pictures can be found on their website – 

Till next year then, just 2 more competition pubs to find!

Have a great Christmas and New Year, try not to damage yourselves with the swords. It’s a moderately dangerous pastime after all.

Martin and Edwin for Northgate Rapper



DERT 2015 pub no. 2 confirmed, it’s an ex gay bar, currently a heavy metal / real ale bar. The Gryphon. Awesome.

Yes, DERT 2015 pub number 2 signed, sealed and delivered!

The Gryphon BristolTucked between Colston Avenue  and Trenchard Street, between the Colston Hall and BRI, the Gryphon is like no other pub in Bristol city centre, not just because it is shaped like a measly wedge of cake.

Built in about 1874 when the area was remodelled and Colston Street was built. It replaced an earlier Griffin which was originally built about 1750 in Griffin Lane, which is now called Lower Park Row. In 1987 The Griffin transformed into a gay bar, when the axis of the gay scene in Bristol was centered around Frogmore Street, rather than Old Market as it is now.

data=U4aSnIyhBFNIJ3A8fCzUmaVIwyWq6RtIfB4QKiGq_w,o850x8pXXu8ISq-gktZvuyD9euCKowKycue32QZbFD_BGb8_f1oeiuSu7haqX9Uu40v7xbIvWfQrT638m7n7CQo2Xe0aPX5WQ2-lgchEOT2lG_SeWNGM-KOhVYQkR4UOLHW3In 2011 it reopened as The Gryphon, Bristol’s only heavy metal real ale bar. It has 6 guest ales most of the time, including some unusual beers too. Plenty of cobwebs and spiders too, fake ones that is.

This pub scored highly on beer and floor quality, but the punters absolutely loved us on the crawl. We’ll be dancing in front of the main bar!

The pub’s website is and they can be found on Facebook too.

And finally, John the Landlord has a beard that is a wonder to behold.

And the first DERT 2015 pub is confirmed. Meet Graeme and Debs from The Shakespeare Tavern in Bristol.

And so it begins.

The Shakespeare TavernThe first competition pub for DERT 2015 in Bristol is The Shakespeare Tavern. Graeme and Debs will be your hosts for the day in this historical Greene King pub. The pub owes it’s name to the proximity of the Theatre Royal and the building was originally a Georgian merchant’s house dating from c. 1726.

The pub backs on to what was the hub of Bristol’s thriving harbourside and docks and is one of the 4 remaining Georgian buildings on Prince Street. The original mahogany staircase is still in-situ and historical information can be found in the pub.

The floor is very good, evidenced by high scores from Silver Flame, Northgate and Taff after our crawl a couple of weeks ago. The pub has the Cask Marque, the beer was good on the crawl and there’s usually an IPA, Old Speckled Hen, Abbot Ale, Shakespeare and a guest on tap.

data=U4aSnIyhBFNIJ3A8fCzUmaVIwyWq6RtIfB4QKiGq_w,NXUb5Jnk-PYKUDRP3rcGgUgagp3ei-yOvR4613kjy9yQ9HBdxeN8vmVkzHVGkL94jN974Zxuymha-XnlBkJK2VvfldyVPZrr_4v_I7mJl4xxdImMStBLGe8j78_o3py5G_2GThe pub can be found on Prince Street in Bristol and the pub’s website is they’re also on Facebook, so give ‘em a like.

A detailed history of the pub can be found here

More pub postings to follow in due course.