DERT 2015 pub no. 2 confirmed, it’s an ex gay bar, currently a heavy metal / real ale bar. The Gryphon. Awesome.

Yes, DERT 2015 pub number 2 signed, sealed and delivered!

The Gryphon BristolTucked between Colston Avenue  and Trenchard Street, between the Colston Hall and BRI, the Gryphon is like no other pub in Bristol city centre, not just because it is shaped like a measly wedge of cake.

Built in about 1874 when the area was remodelled and Colston Street was built. It replaced an earlier Griffin which was originally built about 1750 in Griffin Lane, which is now called Lower Park Row. In 1987 The Griffin transformed into a gay bar, when the axis of the gay scene in Bristol was centered around Frogmore Street, rather than Old Market as it is now.

data=U4aSnIyhBFNIJ3A8fCzUmaVIwyWq6RtIfB4QKiGq_w,o850x8pXXu8ISq-gktZvuyD9euCKowKycue32QZbFD_BGb8_f1oeiuSu7haqX9Uu40v7xbIvWfQrT638m7n7CQo2Xe0aPX5WQ2-lgchEOT2lG_SeWNGM-KOhVYQkR4UOLHW3In 2011 it reopened as The Gryphon, Bristol’s only heavy metal real ale bar. It has 6 guest ales most of the time, including some unusual beers too. Plenty of cobwebs and spiders too, fake ones that is.

This pub scored highly on beer and floor quality, but the punters absolutely loved us on the crawl. We’ll be dancing in front of the main bar!

The pub’s website is and they can be found on Facebook too.

And finally, John the Landlord has a beard that is a wonder to behold.

And the first DERT 2015 pub is confirmed. Meet Graeme and Debs from The Shakespeare Tavern in Bristol.

And so it begins.

The Shakespeare TavernThe first competition pub for DERT 2015 in Bristol is The Shakespeare Tavern. Graeme and Debs will be your hosts for the day in this historical Greene King pub. The pub owes it’s name to the proximity of the Theatre Royal and the building was originally a Georgian merchant’s house dating from c. 1726.

The pub backs on to what was the hub of Bristol’s thriving harbourside and docks and is one of the 4 remaining Georgian buildings on Prince Street. The original mahogany staircase is still in-situ and historical information can be found in the pub.

The floor is very good, evidenced by high scores from Silver Flame, Northgate and Taff after our crawl a couple of weeks ago. The pub has the Cask Marque, the beer was good on the crawl and there’s usually an IPA, Old Speckled Hen, Abbot Ale, Shakespeare and a guest on tap.

data=U4aSnIyhBFNIJ3A8fCzUmaVIwyWq6RtIfB4QKiGq_w,NXUb5Jnk-PYKUDRP3rcGgUgagp3ei-yOvR4613kjy9yQ9HBdxeN8vmVkzHVGkL94jN974Zxuymha-XnlBkJK2VvfldyVPZrr_4v_I7mJl4xxdImMStBLGe8j78_o3py5G_2GThe pub can be found on Prince Street in Bristol and the pub’s website is they’re also on Facebook, so give ‘em a like.

A detailed history of the pub can be found here

More pub postings to follow in due course.

Want to see who you’re up against at DERT 2015 in Bristol? All teams now listed online.

We’ve listed all 30 teams that have registered and have been accepted to compete at DERT 2015 in Bristol. DERT lush innit. You can find them on ‘The Teams‘ page.

So now we can expect conversations like; “oh I wonder which category will Sheffield Steel and Crook Morris be in?” or “where would Northgate be if they were competing this year?”.

Allocations to the various categories will follow in due course, as will those teams for Veterans (not hard to decide, just look for the bottles of liniment and Just For Men), Newcomers and Alternative.

Much achieved thus far, plenty to do. We hope this hard work is worth it, we feel we know each other better than our other halves at the moment!

Martin and Edwin – for Northgate Rapper


DERT 2015 in Bristol is now full. 30 team registrations received. Invoices sent out. Please pay promptly. Thank you.

The marvellous Maltby Phoenix and wondrous Wardrobe Outlaws have taken the last registration slots, this means DERT 2015 is now full. If you were interested in registering, please let us know your intentions as one or two teams may drop out. You’ll be put on a waiting list.

Invoices have now been sent out. Please check them for accuracy and email Edwin on to ascertain fault and assign blame. Not really, just email and we’ll get things sorted out for you.

pound coinsOnce it’s checked, please pay promptly! We have been kindly supported by the SDU with a float, but we now have some bills to pay. You can pay one of three ways;

Via PayPal – go to and click Send. Follow the instructions, making payment to

Cheque – please make payable to DERT 2015 and send to the address on the invoice, please include a copy of the invoice

Online bank transfer – the bank details are on the invoice, please ensure you use your team name as a reference. This is really important, as we don’t want to have to phone around all registered teams trying to allocate a payment.

Thanks for your interest and support so far.

We’re looking forward to a great competition!

Martin and Edwin, for Northgate Rapper.


Two days left to register for DERT 2015! The Wurzels sang about Bristol, so did the Beautiful South (sort of). Here’s a Bristol based musical treat selection for you.

Just two days left to register folks, that’s about 48 hours. With just 1 space remaining, who’s it going to be? Cinquefoil, NYFTE or Hawksword? Or another team entirely? Registrations recently received from Gaorsach, Mons Meg and Warwick!

Names and team numbers still need to be added/updated by Medlock, Silver Flame, Locksided, Haymarket, Tower Ravens, Stone Monkey and Bristol Rapper.

Please drop us a line to ask any questions, we’re here to help. Email address is

number twoHere’s a another visual reminder of how many days you’ve got left.

To amuse, entertain and distract you, we thought we’d tell you that Bristol has an impeccable musical heritage. Not only The Wurzels, but Acker Bilk, Russ Conway, Beth Gibbons and Portishead, the Fuck Buttons and Fred Wedlock all hail from Bristol or the surrounding area.

In our mission to try and educate you in all things Brizzol, we’ve found a couple of them there YouTube videos for you to watch. Firstly, the world famous Wurzels with ‘The Bristol Song’, and secondly a parody by GWR Radio of the Beautiful South’s ‘Rotterdam’. (Some say they murdered the latter).

3 days until DERT 2015 registrations close. Lawks a’mercy, and other choice apophthegms.

The rosta of international, national and pan-regional sword dance experts is swelling gently. We’re not quite bulging at the seams, but it’s not far off.

Heads up folks, there’s just 4 spaces left.

We’ve not seen nuffink from Scotland’s Mons Meg nor Gaorsach (though Lynne has been in touch), nor Cinquefoil (newly arisen, Phoenix-like), and not from Hawksword neither.

Rumours abound concerning Jockey, Monkseaton and even the mighty and ancient High Spen. Or are we just starting them? However registrations from the not-seen-for-ages Bristol Rapper and Scally Rapper have been joyfully received.

Several teams need to enter team member’s names before midnight on Friday. You know who you are!

Here’s a picture to remind you of how many days left until registration closes.


Potential DERT 2015 pub pub crawl and a handy map. Teams update. Plus Showcase spectator ticket information.

Excellent news! Taff Rapper will be joining Northgate Rapper and Silver Flame on the crawl of Bristol DERT pubs on Saturday night.

The list of pubs is thus;

The Big Chill 19:30
Elephant 19:45
Small Bar 20:00
The Apple 20:15
Ye Shakespeare 20:45
Seven Stars 21:05
The Shakespeare Tavern 21:30
Bag o’ Nails 22:00
Hope & Anchor 22:30

All timings are approximate, because well, you know how it is. The beer might be nice, the floor might be excellent and the bar staff might be welcoming. However if you’re a twitter user, you could stay in touch that way. We’ll be tweeting and posting pictures as we go.

Here’s a map of where we’re going;

DERT pub crawl 2015


DERT 2015 team registration update

Just over a week to go until registration closes! Since we last posted, Thrales, Tower Ravens and Sallyport Sword have registered. thank you all! We’re now over half full, so please do get your registrations in ASAP.

Information for Showcase tickets

A limited amount of Showcase tickets are now on sale through this website. If you look on the right hand side of the home page you should see a PayPal button. Click that and choose the number of tickets you want to buy, and either pay via PayPal or with a credit card. Then print off the PayPal email that will arrive, this is your Showcase ticket.

If they’ve sold out, please send an email to and request to go on the ticket list. You will then be notified when more tickets are available.



Tick tock, tick tock. 1 week and 5 days left to get your registrations sorted! Time is marching on.

As our favourite martial artist, Bruce Lee, once opined;

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

tempus fugitTime is marching inexorably on rapper chums. Registration for DERT 2015 (it’s DERT lush) close at midnight in 1 week and 5 days time. That’s the 30th of November!

If there were prizes for being best organised, Sheffield Steel, Whip the Cat and Star and Shadow would win hands down. Have you noticed the similarity between those teams? Come on boys, get organised and get your registrations sorted.

Here’s a suggested spiel to achieve this objective. Ask your fellow sword benders the following questions;

  1. Do you want to take part in the pre-eminent rapper sword competition in the whole wide world?
  2. Are you free the weekend of 10-12th April 2015?
  3. Do you want to stay in sumptuous (?) floor and breakfast accommodation or not?
  4. Are you waged/unwaged/a studenty-type/over 60?

List the answers, click to and register your team. Click on this link to see a YouTube video from David (Black Swan) that’ll walk you through it.

So far we have registrations from the following teams;

Sheffield Steel, Whip the Cat, Medlock, Crook Morris, Locksided Rapper, Haymarket Rapper, Pocketflyers, Star and Shadow, Silver Flame, Heage Windmillers, Mabel Gubbins and Black Swan.

Thank you!

Come on, lets have a full DERT, with teams of all abilities and experience, learning from each other and all trying to do our very best! There’s banter, beer and breakfasts. We might be dancing on a boat, learning Bristolian and dining on Park Street.

Edwin and Martin x


Potential DERT pub crawl sorted, 9 pubs for Northgate, Silver Flame and Taff (hopefully). Saturday 22nd November. In Bristol. Obvs.

Imagine a dedicated rapper duo (DRD), exhaustedly tramping the dark, dank and dangerous streets of old Bristol. They visited pub after pub, first looking at the floor, then the beer choices, and finally for the landlord or landlady. Then the spiel started;

DRD: “It’s somewhat akin to morris dancing, but there’s no bells, no hankies, not even a stick. We dance with swords, indoors, in pubs. Preferably those with a wooden floor and a genial landlord; a comely barmaid or handsome cellar boy is simply a bonus”

Proprietor: “Oh do you, that sounds very English”

DRD: “Northern actually. But seriously, can you open at 10am on Saturday 11th April next year? and if you can, would you like 300 people through your doors that day?”

Proprietor: “Er, yes and yes. What? all at once?”

Repeat ad infinitum.

Silver FlameNorthgate’s finest boys in green (well, all 7 of them!), Silver Flame’s Doc Marten’d lasses and hopefully Cardiff’s finest Taff Rapper will be crawling 9 decent pubs in Bristol on Saturday 22nd November. They’re starting at 7:30pm in The Big Chill Bar in the city centre and carrying on bendy sword based activities until approximately 11pm. Exact pubs and timings to be published next week, as you won’t be able to handle the excitement.

All dancers will be given a score sheet, this will be used to choose a DERT 2015 pub and is based on the following criteria;

  1. quality of wooden (or otherwise) floor, no carpet
  2. geniality of proprietor, number of handsome cellar boys and/or comely barmaids
  3. general height of ceiling and proximity of valuable light shades and pictures etc
  4. range and/or quality of real ales and ciders available
  5. perceived audience buzz or indeed, apathy, from punters in the pub

All pubs will be ranked and the top 5 accordingly chosen for DERT 2015.

the-apple-bristolAnd yes, one of these pubs is on a boat! The Apple Cider Boat, you’ll love it. Honest.

But seriously, if you’re loitering in Bristol on Saturday 22nd November from 7:30pm and you’ve genuinely nothing better to do, come along and see some sword dancing and get involved with choosing a DERT pub or two.


Registrations for DERT 2015 are now open. GET ORGANISED! Read on for more info and updates.

After much hard work by David Hall of Black Swan (thank you), the registration software has been rejigged and DERT2015-ified to enable you to register your team/s. The website is at

Registering your team means registering your dancers, your muso/s and bag carriers etc. It is not for spectators, please see below.

registrationRegistration is open today (3rd November) and will close on the 30th November. This helps you in being organised as you’ve now a deadline to work to and helps us as it means this big chunk of work needn’t take longer than it should and we can concentrate on getting the right pubs to dance in, ensure you’re in the right category (Premier, Championship or Open), allocate judges to the competitions, make sure your invoices are correct and ensure that everything’s in place for a smooth event. Basically, there’s still loads to do.

If you took part in DERT 2014 in Leeds (a hard event to top lads!), then your registration details have been carried over. Simply use the email address you used last time and ask for a password recovery if you can’t remember it. You will need to Add/Remove Members as appropriate and click Register for DERT 2015. Please use the document below for assistance.

New teams to DERT or those who didn’t dance in 2014 should use the document link below to download a word file for you to use.

Registration process for DERT 2015

You can of course enter more than one team; e.g. Whip the Cat. Again, repeat what you did last year; team bio, photograph and most importantly Add/Remove Members. Go tot he website, read the document. It’ll make sense.

DERT issues, questions and conundrums

From now on, please email Edwin on if you have any questions or issues or similar. Both of us are here to help you, ensuring a quality DERT in 2015.

Public Liability Insurance

Once you’ve registered, you will need to send us a copy of your Public Liability Insurance certificate, making sure it’s valid for the period of 10-12th April 2015. If we do not receive this, you will not be allowed to take part. No if’s, and no but’s. Email it to


Spectator tickets will not be on sale until after the registration period has closed and we know how many tickets will be available to buy. Sorry.


The DERTy Competition is now going to be 2 dances in front of different judges, Martin and I would like to make this more of an event for the Youth and Junior teams, driving miles to come for one dance doesn’t really cut it for us. The DERTy day then, is likely to start a little earlier and finish a little later.


As in previous years the competitions will be Main, Spotlight, DERTy and Traditional. The Main Competition will take place in 5 pubs in Bristol city centre. The Spotlight Competition will take place in a different venue during the day. The DERTy competition and the Traditional Competition will both take place in St George’s Bristol during the day, with DERTy during the daytime and the Traditional Competition taking place after the Main Competition has finished.

Veterans, Newcomers et al

If you wish to enter a veterans team, the same rules apply as last year; combined age of dancers to be 250 human years minimum! Newcomers applies to any team not having danced at a DERT before. There needs to be at least a couple of entries in these categories for it to meaningfully take place.

Evening Food

As we will be dancing in Bristol city centre and as St George’s Bristol is literally on Park Street with it’s cornucopia of bistros, restaurants and takeaways, DERT 2015 will not be organising any evening food for you. There are plenty of places to eat on and just off Park Street.

The Rules

There’s been much deliberation about the rules! Not really, it’s basically all staying the same! We wanted to do something about Buzz though, as larger teams with hefty numbers can create more of a buzz than those who arrive with just 5 dancers and a musician. Buzz is important to a good DERT though, so this will just be a little tweak. Don’t fret.

A Rules document and further updates will follow when we’ve figured this all out.

Thanks for your patience everyone. Now get your team registered!

Edwin and Martin