DERT 2015 Spotlight Venue located and booked. It’s all Smoke and Mirrors baby!

The Spotlight venue for DERT 2015 in Bristol has been located, inspected and booked.

You’ll be dancing in the compact and bijou theatre space of Smoke and Mirrors, Bristol’s boutique pub and magic theatre. It’s located on Denmark Street, just off the Centre and down the side of the Hippodrome.

There’s a small stage, 3 real ales on tap and plenty of posh bar snacks like Scotch eggs and sausage rolls.

Mark, the owner, is looking forward to meeting us all and seeing us do our things with swords!


DERT 2015 dancers (and musos) have somewhere to sleep! Indoor camping accommodation now sorted.

After a lot of hard work online and on the phone, with 7 venue visits under the belt, DERT 2015 is happy (!) to announce that the indoor camping accommodation is now sorted.

There are not many Bristol venues that;

  • can accommodate over 150 people over 2 weekend nights
  • possess appropriate insurance
  • have a bar and kitchen onsite
  • have a secure car park
  • are within walking distance of the city centre dance venues
  • and are within budget, allowing us to keep costs as low as possible

Well, Edwin and Martin are extremely happy to announce that a suitable indoor camping venue has been located and booked that ticks all the boxes.

The Broad Plain Boys Club (home to the latest Banksy mural) will host the welcome evening on the Friday and provide a temporary home to approximately 160 dancers, musicians and retinue. There are 40 secure car parking spaces, a kitchen to provide breakfasts, pool tables, ping pong tables (also known as wiff waff), an internet cafe, soft seating for aging dancers, showers AND a boxing gym. All for the use of DERT 2015.

Registration will take place here, and with real ale and cider on tap at the bar, a “networking”, catch up and general rapper bollocks session will take place. There will be a late licence in place too.

The large gym will host the sleepers. HOWEVER, we might have to pack up our camping mats etc by 9:30am to allow for an established Saturday daytime event to happen. This is a notice of prior warning for you. Not a major issue, but one we have to warn you about.

We’re half way there on competition venues, plenty of pubs to visit and landlords still to talk to. Please rest assured that quality brewed beverages will be available at these venues and that at least 4 of the pubs will have a good wooden floor to dance on.

We’ll be posting again on here shortly.

Edwin and Martin

PS – there are already rumours that Bristol Rapper will be dancing in the main competition and that NYFTE might be entering a youth team!

PPS – you can see where we’re up to on all venues by clicking HERE

Broad Plain Boys Club

Social media handover and more

Black Swan Rapper

Thanks to Tom Richardson from Black Swan Rapper for a smooth and painless handover of DERT social media. Much appreciated. Now Northgate has responsibility for the resources and processes for next year.

Roll on DERT 2015 in Bristol!

Both twitter and facebook have been updated, you can see them by clicking the links below.

Twitter -

Facebook - DERT page

Please check them out and ‘follow’ or ‘like’ as appropriate. If you ‘Like’ us on facebook then please use the ‘invite your friends to like us’ links, and help us to spread the DERT 2015 word.

Organisation update!

Northgate Rapper are planning recon crawls to pubs in Bristol with Silver Flame and venue discussions/negotiations are taking place for indoor camping, a welcome venue and the spotlight venue.

We’ll update as and when we have news. Might not be frequent at this point in time, but then we do have a year before we all meet again. But we do know where, and we do know when. Bristol – 10-12 April 2015.


An apology and a change of date for DERT 2015

Unfortunately due to an administrative error, DERT 2015 will NOT be held in March.

The revised and now confirmed dates are 10th to 12th April 2015.

I apologise for this, it’s slightly embarrassing.

The Showcase venue remains the same however.

Work continues to  locate the other key venues, one we’re investigating is on a boat!


Edwin and Martin

DERT 2015 dates and the Showcase venue

Afternoon all

After some intense negotiations over a brace of tall skinny soy chai tea lattes, we can announce the following information;

DERT 2015 will be held in Bristol on the weekend of March 13th, 14th and 15th. Put this date in your diary NOW. Wedding you’ve been invited to? sorry, you’re now busy. Invitation to a spring weekend away in nice boutique hotel? sorry, you’re now busy.

We want you in Bristol that weekend for a damn fine display of rapper sword dancing; furious AND elegant, competitive AND friendly.

St George's Bristol

St George’s Bristol

The Showcase venue has been arranged too. It’s a city centre venue with superb acoustics and an interesting history.

St George’s in Bristol, a fine converted church and established music venue will play host to the evening Showcase event and serve as the admin HQ plus the DERTy and Traditional dance venues. Lots more information to follow.


But we do know that the bar serves Bath Ale’s finest Gem, amongst others!

More updates to follow in due course.

Looking ahead to 2015

DERT 2015 to be held in Bristol. That’s gotta be dert lush!

SS Great Britain

Photo by Ray Cook

Martin and Edwin from Northgate are your main men in charge, ably supported by the swarthy types in green and yellow on the day. Work is already taking place on finding suitably wooden floored dance venues that serve great beer and a grand evening venue for the Showcase dance experience.

Watch this space for more details!

PS – Dert lush is  play on words from a well known and unique Bristolian phrase; gert lush. This phrase is the highest form of praise that can be given to anything by a Bristolian.

For example; “Yer, joo see that gawd necklace she wuz wearen? Gert lush wunnet?”

Translation; “Hey, did you see that gold necklace she was wearing? Lovely wasn’t it?”

Phraseology given by the Urban Dictionary.